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Zumwalt, Schorr, Hecht, Lowery & Associates provides access to the highest levels of decision makers.  Our Team is involved in a wide variety of vertical and niche markets with executives at domestic & international companies, various militaries & governments.

The principals of Zumwalt, Schorr, Hecht, Lowery & Associates have established relationships with principals at multi-national law firms, financial institutions and other professional service firms.

We have unprecedented access to decision makers in industry and government!

We believe that  business success and profitable results come from those relationships  based on mutual benefit.

If you have a project you would like us to review to assist you with please submit your Executive Summary.  Click for an example of our Executive Summary format.

Zumwalt, Schorr, Hecht, Lowery & Associates
was formed to bring world-class services to our clients. 

If you are a business owner interested in exploring options for an exit strategy through a sale or strategic merger click here.

If you want to develop strategic relationships and/or  joint ventures for your products or services, we can help.  The services we provide to clients includes arranging for sales of goods and services on a global basis.   We can also consult on risk management issues and assist in contract negotiations. 

The highly experienced Zumwalt, Schorr, Hecht,  Lowery & Associates Team, with its global reach can facilitate transactions on behalf of its clients in a variety of vertical markets.  Our strong multi-disciplinary skills and experience, coupled with unparalleled access to decision makers enables us to develop creative and workable strategic solutions to difficult problems.

We can provide you the solutions & support.

Abraham Lincoln once said “If I had eight hours to chop down a tree … I would spend seven of them sharpening my axe."

The decades of experience, resources and personal contacts of our Team can be a resource for you to draw upon.  We keep a sharp edge.  Think of how that can benefit you in chopping down your 'tree'.

Mergers & Acquisitions

We are seeking acquisition opportunities:

  • As Direct Buyers

  • For Private Equity Firms

  • For Public Companies

  • For Strategic Buyers

We provide services for private and public companies to inform them of strategic and financial opportunities.

Please feel free to send us information on any opportunities you would like us to consider or review by downloading and using our Business Highlights Form.

Transactional Support

The structuring, acquisition, financing, expansion and sale of privately held and publicly-owned businesses. 

Introductions to providers of equity capital for emerging companies and those companies undergoing changes in ownership.

Introduction to debt providers and equity sources for capital investment. 

Structuring, financing, negotiation and consummation of leveraged and management-sponsored buy-outs, conventional business acquisitions and dispositions. 

Advice and services in structuring, negotiating and consummating joint ventures and strategic alliances.

Strategic Services

Domestic & International

Business & Joint Venture Development

Project/Program Management


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