Attention Business Owners

Zumwalt, Schorr, Hecht, Lowery & Associates
is seeking acquisition opportunities:

  • For Private Equity Firms

  • For Public Companies

  • For Strategic Buyers

These are buyers that we know and have established relationships with.  Each has different criteria and interests and is able to structure different types of offers and deals.  Many times the flexibility and breadth of buyer resources creates a satisfactory win-win situation for the business owner, the professionals involved and buyer where there was lost opportunity before.  Click here to see what our buyers are looking for.

Some offers can be structured that are tax-advantaged to the seller and make a perfect exit strategy for principals in the business.


Are you looking for a merger or buyer for your business?

If you would like a FREE NO OBLIGATION review of what we feel is the potential for buyer interest in your business; please contact us.

If you would be interested in discussing this please let us know and we will forward details to you on how we can assist you.


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