Buyer Mandates

We have Buyer's seeking investments in and acquisitions of small to mid-market businesses.

These are buyers that we know and have established relationships with.  Each has different criteria and interests and is able to structure different types of offers and deals.  Many times the flexibility and breadth of buyer resources creates a satisfactory win-win situation for the business owner, the professionals involved and buyer where there was lost opportunity before.

Our buyers are:

  • Investment Groups
  • Management Buy-Out (MBO) Funds
  • Public Companies
  • Private Equity Funds
  • High Net-Worth Individuals
  • Domestic/International Corporations
Important Note: Some of our buyers can structure deals that are tax-advantaged to the seller and make a perfect exit strategy for principals in the business.

Seeking acquisitions in many industries with the following characteristics:

Sales/Revenues: They prefer businesses for sale that have at least $5 million in current sales revenues, but we will consider companies below that amount if they have strong upside potential over the next 12-24 months. 
Profitability: The business for sale must currently be profitable.
Financials: The business for sale must have, or be able to produce (if required) prior to the close of escrow, audited financial statements.  NOTE: Some of our buyer's may cover the audit cost for the Seller.
Management: The business for sale must have a competent management team (not necessarily the owner) that will continue to operate the business post-acquisition.
Business Plan/Executive Summary: The company must have a business plan or an executive summary in sufficient detail that is acceptable to our buyer(s).

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